Teaching Class@ Purdue University

  1. ME315: Heat and mass Transfer (2022-2023)

Audit Class@ Stanford University

  1. EE 323 Energy in (Nano)Electronics (Prof. Eric Pop);

  2. EE 316 Advanced VLSI Devices (Prof. H.-S. Philip Wong);

  3. ME 131 Introduction to Heat Transfer (Prof. Ken Goodson);

  4. EE311 Advanced integrated Circuits technology (Prof.Krishna Saraswat)

  5. ME 133 Intermediate Fluid mechanics (Prof. Sanjiva K. Lele)

  6. EE 216 Principles and Models of Semiconductor Devices (Prof. Eric Pop)

  7. ME352C Convection heat transfer (Prof. John Eaton)

Learned Courses @ KU Leuven and imec

  1. Material characterization II;

  2. Nanomaterials for Nanoelectronics;

  3. Basics of VLSI processing;

  4. Heat Transfer;

  5. Numerical Modeling in Mechanical Engineering;

  6. Integrated project for thermomechanical sciences;

  7. Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics; Microfluidic and Nanofluidics;

Mentoring Experience

M.S. and Ph.D. Students:

  1. Mentoring two master students: “Thin-film thermal modeling” and “BEOL thermal modeling development and then the design of experiments and analysis thereof” from the Department of Materials (MTM), at KU Leuven.

  2. Mentoring two master students for the topic “Integrated project on topology optimization” in the Mechanical Engineering Department at KU Leuven and imec.

  3. Mentoring master one student on the “Numerical modeling of embedded microchannel cooling” in the Nanoheat lab at Stanford University.

  4. Mentoring one mater and one Ph.D. student on the "Point-contact Cu/Sn/Cu intermetallic compound (IMC) bonding optimization for DBC microchannel and 3D manifold cooler " at Stanford Nanoheat Lab.

Undergraduate Students:

  1. Undergraduate students at Stanford with topic "embedded channel cooling for laser optics"

High School Students:

  1. High-school Teacher's Qualification Certificate

  2. HIgh-school intern teacher in China for 3 months